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''What a nice touch to get a personalized thank you note! I can only tell you that I've been a smoker & coffee drinker for years - I thought my upper denture would have to be replaced because I've tried every over the counter cleanser out there! After the 1st time with SonicBrite, I knew I had found something, finally that works!  You'll have me as a customer forever! Thank you for my smile back! ''
Nancy F. Leeds

''I was looking for 'denclen' made by procter & gamble which I have used for years but it seems to be out of production? Which turned out to be a good thing as I would not have tried your machine & solution, its so easy just before I take my daily shower I pop my dentures in the machine & bingo 15 minute later they are like I have just picked them up brand new from the dentist, you could even take it on holiday its so compact, SonicBrite should try get a UK outlet, through a dental lab practice maybe? It's a very good product which I'll give a ten out of ten. I have no problem with SonicBrite using my name for a future reference.''
Alan C., N. Yorkshire

''Let me highly recommend the use of this product to anyone looking for a thorough and effective cleaning method for their dentures''
Dianne M. Harrogate



''I ordered your SonicBrite ultra sonic denture cleaner last month. I was so thrilled with the results I immediately ordered 2 more bottles of the cleaner, so I did not run out. I wear an upper and lower partial plate. They are both about ten years old. I was embarrassed that no matter what type of soak, denture brush, or paste I used, I could still see something between my teeth that looked like I just eaten macaroni and cheese. I even resorted to using a sewing needle to try to scrape it off. After about 4 treatments in the ultra sonic tub, my dentures looked like new...There were no more rusty-looking stains on the back side of my partial and the space in between my teeth was perfectly clean. I am a natural born sceptic, but I figured a this low price, it was worth a try even if it didn't live up to the hype. No hype. I love your product! ''
Christine B. Wakefield

''I recently ordered your denture cleaning kit and have used it with what I consider to be amazing results!! None of the usual suspects that are sold in stores would touch the calculus that had built up on the dentures after several years of use. I could use Clorox bleach to remove the tea and wine stains, but the white calculus was impervious to everything UNTIL SonicBrite Professional!! I don't know what is in it, but just 3 uses has eliminated all of the calculus even in the fine crevices and tight areas that are hard to reach. Great job of solving a problem that needed a solution (pun intended). I will be a re-ordering customer."
Dave W. W Yorkshire

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