Cleaning system for dentures

The SonicBrite cleaning system was created for dentures and other dental appliances to remove plaque, calculus build up and food debris, as well as coffee, tea, tobacco and other stains from dentures, partial dentures, night guards and retainers.

The system consists of two parts 1) a battery-powered sonic bath that powers dental appliances clean at the touch of a button and 2) our concentrated cleaner. Combine both and you have a uniquely effective system that packs a build up-blasting punch that's much more powerful than effervescent denture tablets. The system is so powerful, your dental appliances are clean, fresh and ready to wear in just 15 minutes!


 It's so easy to use:

  • Place 3/4 cup warm water in SonicBrite sonic cleaning unit.
  • Add 1/2 teaspoon of cleaner.
  • Insert dentures.
  • Close cover and turn unit on. It is automatically timed to run for 15 minutes.
  • Rinse dentures thoroughly before using.

For stubborn stains or excessive calculus build up, repeat process, or leave to soak overnight, then return to normal cleaning times.

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